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1896-1921 General cargo

TALISMAN 1896-1.jpg

Buildingyard: Ropner & Son, Stockton/ UK

Built year: 1896

Yard no: 318


Tonnage: GRT: 1878/ NET: 1178/ TDW: 2750

Dims : LOA: 270,0/ BR: 39,5/ DR: 14,4ft

Machinery: 3-cyl triplexp steamengine by Blair & Co. Ltd., Stockton/ UK

IHP: 880

Speed: 9,0 knots

Photo: Unknown

28.02.1896: Launched by Ropner & Son, Stockton/ UK

00.03.1896: Completed. Price paid: 369.295,19 NOK

29.06.1921: Sold to A/S D. Finne's Rederi (D. Finne), Oslo. Renamed FIOL

00.00.1924: Sold to D/S A/S Oslo's Rederi (J.W. Klüver), Tønsberg. Renamed OSLO

00.00.1927: Sold to Chi-Tung S.S.Co., China. Renamed CHI-TUNG

00.00.1931: Sold to Central S.N. Co. (L.F. Jovino), Italy. Renamed CHI NING

00.00.1934: Sold to Hwa Ning S.S. Co., China. Renamed CHING NING

00.00.1938: Sunk in Yang-tse river as a blockade during the Sina-Japanese war

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