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1962 Tanker

Buildingyard: Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstad A/B., Gothenburg

Built year: 1962

Yard no: 538

Tonnage : GRT: 26176/ NET: 15737/ TDW: 44370

Dims: LOA: 214,84/ BR: 29,01/ DR: 11,646mtr

Machinery: 10-cyl B&W by the shipbuilder - 15000bhp

Speed: 16,50knots

Photo: Unknown

16.08.1962: Launched

22.11.1962: Completed. Price: 41.809.890NOK

19.06.1968: Sold to V.E.B. Deutsche Seereederei, East Germany. Renamed WOLFEN

01.01.1970: Transferred to V.E.B. Deutfracht Internationale Befracht/ Seereederei, East Germany

00.00.1984: Sold to Interocean Shipping Co Ltd., Jersey. Flagged in Panama. Renamed TAUNUS

00.00.1984: Resold to Trasporti Marittimi Riuniti SpA., Italy. Renamed NIAGARA

00.00.1988: Sold to West German interests for resale to scrappping. Reg under Antigua and Barbuda-flag. Renamed AGA

30.07.1988: Arrived at Alang/ India for scrapping by Goyal Traders

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