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1959 Generalcargo



Buildingyard: Deutsche Werft A.G., Hamburg

Built year: 1959

Yard no: 748

Tonnage 1959: GRT: 9297/ NET: 5629/ TDW: 10809

Tonnage 1970: GRT: 11744/ NET: 8125/ TDW: 1252

Dims 1959: LOA: 146,96/ BR: 20,05/ DR: 8,621mtr

Dims 1970: LOA: 188,73/ BR: 20,05/ DR: 8,621mtr

Machinery: 10-cyl B&W from Fr. Krupp Dieselmotoren Gmbh, Essen

Speed: 18,5knots 878,10 cubm

Passengers: 12

15.07.1959: Launched by Deutsche Werft A.G., Hamburg

20.10.1959: Completed. Price: NOK 28.305.902

25.06.1970: Arrived at Yokohama to be lenghtened by Mitsubishi HI Ltd., who inserted a containersection midship

31.07.1970: Reconstruction completed

29.07.1977: Transferred to Arctic Shipping Singapore (Pte) Ltd. (Barber Ship Management Ltd.), Singapore. Renamed TEMA

29.05.1979: Sold to Hong Kong Orient Shipping Co Ltd. SA. (Hong Kong Island Shipping Co Ltd.), Panama. Renamed SUNSHINE ISLAND

00.00.1982: Renamed LANGTON CHAU

29.05.1984: In collision in East China Sea with MV VANTAGE, Panamanian vehicle carrier/ 207610grt/ 1976. On voyage from San Fransisco 

                     to Busan/ South Korea. Sold to Taiwanese shipbreakers without repair

22.06.1984: Arrived at Kaoshiung for scrapping by Gwo Feng Steel Enterprise Co Ltd

07.07.1984: Demolition commenced

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