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Tender Tarpon
1973 Tug/ Supplyvessel

Tender Tarpon-73.jpg

Photo: WW's Fleetlist 150years

Buildingyard: Mangone Shipbuilding Corp., Houston, TX/ USA

Built year: 1973

Yard no: 109


Tonnage : GRT: 498/ NET: 150/ TDW: 813

Dims : LOA: 57,46/ BR: 11361/ DR: 4,131

Machinery: Two 16-cyl by General Motors Corp Electro-Motive div.,

                    La Grange

IHP: 4700

Speed: 14,50knots

Passengers: 12

22.05.1973: Launched as TENDER TURBOT for Wilhelmsen Offshore Services (Wilh. Wilhelmsen), Oslo/ Tønsberg

24.09.1973: Completed. Price paid: NOK 12.959.000,00

11.06.1979: Sold to Zapata Marine Service Inc., Panama. Renamed CHALLENGER SERVICE

                     Later transferred to Zapata Gulf Mrine Service Lt (Zapata Gulf Marine Corp.), Panama

00.01.1991: Sold to Offshore Marine International Ltd (Zapata Gulf Marine Corp.), Vanuatu

00.00.1992: Managers became Tidewater Marine Inc.

00.12.1992: Sold to Selat Marine Servie Ltd. (Seabulk International Inc., USA), UAE. Renamed SELAT ARJUNA

00.07.1993: In collision with M/S CONTSHIP SUCCESS. After examination declard CTL

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