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Sea Transit

1975/ 1995 Car Carrier

Sea Transit-75.jpg

Buildingyard: BV Machinefabriek en Scheepswerf van P. Smit Jr.


Built year: 1975

Yard no: 671

Tonnage: GRT: 7494/NET: 3719/TDW: 10379

Dims: LOA: 187,51/ BR: 22,94/  DR: 8,006


Machinery: 8-cyl by Koninklijke Maatschaapi "De Schelde", Flushing

BHP: 13200

Speed: 18,5 knots

Carcapacity: 3150

Photo: via Bjørn Pedersen

18.12.1975: Launched as NOPAL SEL for K/S Benargus A/S & Co. (Øivind Lorentzen), Oslo

30.06.1976: Delivered

00.00.1979: Manager restyled Øivind Lorentzen A/S

00.00.1984: Renamed NOSAC SEL, and transferred to Benargus Shipping Inc. (Øivind Lorentzen A/S), Liberia

00.00.1985: Transferred to Ocean Sel S. en C (Oslo Ship Management A/S), Panama

00.00.1985: Bought by Ocean Car Carriers Ltd. (Norwegian Ship Management A/S), Panama

00.07.1987: NAL A/S took over 25% ownership in conjunction with the amalgamation with ØL

00.00.1998: Renamed OCEAL SEL

00.00.1992: Manager became Barber Ship Management Ltd

00.01.1995: Bought by K/S Sea Transit with was owned 50-50 by NAL and WW. Placed under Liberia-flag. Renamed SEA TRANSIT

00.00.1995: Tonnage remeasured: 25884grt/ 8442net

00.04.1996: Upon WW's takeover of all asset of NAL the vessel was sold for scrap to Indian shipbreakers.  Finally the vessel was

                     scrapped by Gujarat Pickers Industries, India. Price: USD 208 per LDT

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