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1917-1929 Tanker steam


Buildingyard: Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Co Ltd., Jarrow

Built year: 1917

Yard no: 846


Tonnage: GRT: 5894/ NET: 3697/ TDW: 8600

Dims: LOA: 407,5/ BR: 52,4/ DR: 31,6ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp steam engine by George Clark Ltd., Sunderland

IHP: 2200

Speed: 10,0 knots


11.11.1916: Launched.

00.04.1917: Completed. Upon war requsition placed under management by H.E. Moss & Co. (W.M. Cohan), Liverpool.

                     Price paid: NOK 1.413.117,03

00.10.1919: Returned to service for Wilh. Wilhelmsen

19.12.1929: Sold to Skibs A/S "Madrono" (Hans Borge), Tønsberg

00.00.1938: Sold to A/S Norsk Rutefart (A.I. Langfeldt & Co), Kristiansand

04.07.1942: Captured in the Indian Ocean by German raider THOR in pos 29.50S, 70.00E. On passage from Melbourne to Abadan in ballast.

                     Prizecrew placed onboard and sailed to Yokohama. Renamed ROSSBACH.  Allocated to Waried Tankschiff Rhederei GmbH

07.05.1944: Torpedoed and sunk in the Kii Channel/ Japan. In pos 33.14N, 134.40E by American submarine BURRFISH

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