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Talisman/ Barber Talisman

1977 Multipurpose Carrier

Buildingyard: Nippon Kokan K.K., Tsu

Built year: 1977

Yard no: 52

Tonnage: GRT: 12755/ NET: 6841/ TDW: 21693

Dims : LOA: 171,02/ BR:26,37/ DR: 9,983mtr

Machinery: 7-cyl Sulzer 14000bhp by Mitsubishi HI Ltd., Kobe

Speed : 17,50knots

Container cap.: 668TEU


15.07.1977: Launched

20.10.1977: Delivered. Price: NOK 97.000.000

00.00.1981: Renamed BARBER TALISMAN for service in Barber Blue Sea Line

18.10.1983: Sold to Saudi Livestock Transport & Trading Co., Saudi Arabia. Renamed MAWASHI TABUK

31.12.1984: Arrived at Ulsan to be converted into a livestock-carrier. new tonnage: 18813gross/ 14463net/ 23238tdw

00.00.1995: Manager: Almawashi-Almukairish & Partners, Saudi Arabia

00.08.1996: Changed class from LR to NK

00.07.2003: Sold to Saudi Cold Storage, Saudi Arabia. They had also management of the vessel

00.11.2003: Sold to Kuwait Saudi Livestock, Kuwait. Flagged in Kuwait. Manager: Almawashi-Almukairish & Partners, Saudi Arabia

00.00.2005: Renamed ALY

00.03.2005: Class withdrawn from NK. Flagged at Tuvalu. Owner: Duke Consulting Ltd. Operator: Global Marketing System.

                     Manager: KNK Ship Management.

00.03.2005: Sold to Panchvati Ship Breakers India for USD 3.803.930

05.04.2005: Arrived at Alang/ India

08.04.2005: Beached at Alang for demolition

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