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1977/88 Bulkcarrier


Buildingyard: Imabari Zoen K.K., Marugame yard

Built year: 1977

Yard no: 1039

Tonnage: GRT: 14267/ NET: 8689 / TDW: 23757

Dims: LOA: 159,82/ BR: 24.64/ DR: 9,932


Machinery: 8-cyl Mitsubishi by KObe Hatsudoki K.K.

BHP: 10650

Speed: 14,5knots

Reefer cap: 292,23 cubm 

Photo: brent -

16.01.1977: Launched at GARZA STAR for Yamato Kisen K.K., Japan

28.03.1977: Completed

00.00.1984: Sold to Garza Naviera SA., Panama

23.04.1985: Abandoned by her crew in pos 49.50N, 141.30W after developing a list. On voyage from Tacoma to Japan. Towed back to Seattle

00.00.1987: Sold to Peonia Maritime SA., Panama. Renamed PEONIA

00.00.1988: Sold to Gibson Shipping Ltd., Philippine Isl. Renamed PACIFIC DREAMER 

08.09.1988: Purchased by Wilbulk I K/S., Tönsberg. WW had a 20% interest. Price paid: USD 6.800.000. Renamed TALISMAN

02.04.1991: Sold to Chun Wah Marine (Panama) SA. Renamed CHUN WAH I

00.12.1992: Sold to Preciuos Lakes Ltd. (Great Circle Shipping Agency Ltd.),Thailand. Renamed NIRA NAREE

00.06.1997: Ownership name changed to Precious Shipping Public

00.03.1998: Sold to King Shipping SA. (Wallem Ship Management Inc.), Panama. Renamed CIUDAD BOLIVAR

00.06.1998: Diclassed from Nippon Kokan and classed in RI. Flagged in Venezuela. Owners became LINACA

                     Groupowner: Cargoport BreakbulkService

00.07.1999: Ownership taken over by King Shipping. Flagged in Panama. Renamed SAN MARCOS I

00.12.1999: Sold to Bahari Makmur Lines, Indonesia. Renamed MAKMUR BAHAGIA

00.12.2001: Sold for demolition

00.01.2002: Demolition commenced by unknown Indian shipbreaker. 

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