1970 Tanker 

Buildingyard: Kockums Mek. Verkstad AB., Malmø/ Sweden

Built year: 1970

Yard no: 528

Tonnage: GRT:106970/ NET: 80859/ TDW: 210650

Dims: LOA: 310,09/ BR: 48,82/  DR: 19,010mtr


Machinery : 2 steamturbines by the shipbuilder - total 32000 shp

Speed : 16,00knots

Photo: Ryszka-Onions

07.09.1970: Launched

28.10.1970: Completed. Price: NOK 130.236.696

05.02.1979: Sold to Arapaho Shipping Corp., Greece. Renamed SIRIUS

00.00.1979: Sold to Union Energy Co Ltd., Liberia. Renamed UNION ENERGY

00.00.1980: Sold to Kuo Dar Steel & Iron Enterprise Co Ltd., for scrapping

31.07.1980: Demolition commenced at Kaoshiung/ Taiwan

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