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1885-1898 Ship


Buildingyard: Neviins, Fraser & Co., St.John, N.B., Canada

Built year: 1873

Yard no: ---


Tonnage: GRT: 1452/ NET: 1404/ TDW: 2101

Dims : LOA: 207,4/ BR: 39,1/ DR: 23,8ft

Machinery: ---

IHP: ---

Speed: ---


00.00.1873: Delivered as BREADALBANE for W.R. Wright & Co., Liverpool

00.00.1879: Sold to Gillison & Chadwick, Liverpool

00.00.1885: Purchasd by Wilh. Wilhelmsen. Renamed BERNADOTTE

00.00.1898: Sold to A.T. Rosasco, Italy

28.02.1899: Abandoned by her crew in a waterlogged condition in the North Atlantic. On passage from Pensacola to Venice

                     with a cargo of pitchpine

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