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1925 General Cargo


Buildingyard: Deutsche Werft A.G., Hambrug/ Germany

Built year: 1925

Yard no: 66


Tonnage : GRT: 6094/ NET: 3722/ TDW: 9840

Dims : LOA: 442,6/ BR: 58,2/ DR: 27,6ft

Machinery: Two 6-cyl by Algemeine Electicitäs Gesellschaft, Berlin

IHP: 5000

Speed: 13,00knots

Passengers: 8

Photo: N/A

06.06.1925: Launched as TANCRED

25.07.1925: Completed. Price paid: NOK 4.192.086,55

26.09.1940: Torpedoed and then shelled and sunk 600 miles WNW of Valencia Isl., Ireland. Pos 53,32N, 24,35W by German submarine U-32.

                     Enroute from Liverpool to New York in ballast. The entire crew went in the lifeboats, and were picked up by M/S TRICOLOR and 

                     taken to New York

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