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2009 Car Carrier


Buildingyard: Mitsubishi HI Ltd., Nagasaki

Built year: 2009

Yard no: 2244

Tonnage: GRT: 61321/NET: 23559/TDW: 22160

Dims: LOA: 199,99/ BR: 32,26/  DR: 10,52mtr


Machinery: 7-cyl by Mitsubishi HI Ltd., Kobe

KW: 13240 kW

Speed: 20,00 knots

Carcapacity: 6350 cars

Photo: Prieto

23.12.2008: Launched for Wilhelmsen Lines Car Carriers Ltd., Southampton/ UK. 

19.03.2009: Completed. Placed in NIS-register (Tønsberg)

01.05.2009: Placed under UK-registry

04.12.2018: Reg owner: Wilhelmsen Lines Shipowning. Placed under Malta-registry

31.12.2020: Still in the fleet


Photo: Pietro

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