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Rosa Tucano

1985 RORO Vessel

Buildingyard: Nippon Kokan K.K., Tsu

Built year: 1985

Yard no: 94


Tonnage: GRT: 32951/ NET: 9885/ TDW: 27577 

Dims: LOA: 185,02/ BR: 32,31/ DR: 11,251mtr


Machinery : 10-cyl Pielstick by the  shipbuilders Tsurumi branch

BHP/ IHP: 1520

Speed: 16,00 knots

Containercap TEU's: 1446 / Quarter stern door and ramp

Photo: Pieter Melissen -

07.12.1984: Launched

30.04.1985: Completed. Price paid: 304.848.000

01.07.1989: Sold to Rosa Tucano A/S (Barber International A/S), Oslo

00.00.1993: Sold to Strait Navigation Ltd. (Hamburg-Sudamerikanische Dampfschiffarts-Gesellschaft Eggert und Amsinck), Liberia

                     Renamed CALAPOGGIO

00.05.1995: Vessel renamed ROSA TUCANO

00.09.1996: Sold to Cromwell Marine (Midocean IOM Ltd. UK), UK

00.10.1998: Sold to Mareley Navigation. Renamed ROSA DELMAS

00.01.1999: Group owner: Schulte Group

00.08.2001: Manager mention as Midocean IOM Ltd., IOM

00.01.2002: Sold to Delmas Group, France

00.07.2006: Owner/ manager: CMA CGM The French Line, France

00.09.2007: Flagged to United Kindom

25.09.2013: Sold to Best Oasis Ltd. (Prayati Shipping Pvt Ltd), India. Renamed RAM

15.10.2013: Beached at Alang. Scrapped by Shree Ram Sg Industries

Photo show vessel as ROSA DELMAS

Photo: Profile "har" -

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