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1962 M. Tanker

TORINO 1962-1.jpg

Buildingyard: Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstad A/B., Gothenburg

Built year: 1961

Yard no: 539


Tonnage: GRT: 25465/ NET: 15269/ TDW: 44000

Dims: LOA: 214,84/ BR: 29,01/ DR: 11,646mtr


Machinery: 12-cyl B&W by the shipbuilder

BHP: 15.000 / Speed: 16,50knots

Photo: Unknown

30.10.1961: Launched

02.02.1962: Completed. Price: NOK 45.788.799

19.12.1969: Sold to Ina Tanker Corp SA., Liberia. Renamed NOTO

00.00.1974: Sold to Dana Shipping Corp., Liberia. Renamed DANA

00.00.1974: Sold to Nav. Maju SA (Ofer Brothers (Holdings) Ltd.), Panama. Renamed EUGENIA II

00.00.1979: Sold to Penelopi Shipping Co. (Allied Shipping International Corp.), Greece. Renamed DESPINA MICHALINOU

00.00.1982: Sold to Black Baronett Shipping Corp., Greece. Renamed THEOSKEPASTI

00.00.1983: Renamed TRINITE

00.00.1986: Sold to Maritime TRansportation Ltd., Cayman Isl. Renamed HOPE CREST

                     An earlier proposed sale to Breakaway Ltd., Guernsey fell through

00.00.1987: Sold to Tankers International Ltd., Cayman Isl. Renamed BONARIA

23.03.1992: Demolition commenced by Indian Metal Traders/ Chawhary & Chawhary Ship Breaker Pvt. Ltd. in Bombay

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