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1971 Ore/ Bulk/ Oilcarrier 

Buildingyard: Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstad A/B., Gothenburg/ Sweden

Built year: 1971

Yard no: 638

Tonnage: GRT:82791/ NET: 59682/ TDW: 150900

Dims: LOA: 301,98/ BR: 42,78/  DR: 16,942mtr


Machinery : 8-cyl B&W by the shipbuilder - 30600bhp

Speed : 16,00knots


30.07.1971: Launched

18.11.1971: Completed. Price: NOK 94.700.000

02.06.1978: Sold to Resolute Maritime Inc., Liberia. Renamed RESOLUTE

00.00.1979: Sold to Marber Two Ltd., Bermuda. Registreted in London in the name of Dashwood Co Ltd. Renamed DASHWOOD

00.00.1981: Sold to Tricolor Shipping Corp., Liberia. Renamed TIFFANY

00.00.1989: Sold to Liberty Alliance SA., Panama. Renamed ROKKO SAN

00.00.1996: Sold to ??. Renamed SANTOS

00.00.1996. Sold to ??. Renamed SINA or SLINA. Under Honduras-flag

00.00.1996: Sold to Astro Carriers (Bermuda) Ltd. Renamed RIO

26.06.1996: Broken up at Gadani Beach/ Pakistan

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