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1976/83 Tanker

Buildingyard: Eriksberg Mek Verkstad A/B., Gothenburg/ Sweden

Built year: 1976

Yard no: 703


Tonnage: GRT: 17880/ NET: 12432/ TDW: 31600

Dims: LOA: 170,72/ BR: 26,09/ DR: 11,329mtr


Machinery : 7-cyl B&W by the  shipbuilder


BHP/ IHP: 14600

Speed: 16,00 knots

Photo: Unknown

09.10.1976: Launched as INLAND for Ångfartygs-A/B Tirfing (Axel Broström & Son), Gothenburg

11.01.1977: Completed. 

00.00.1979: Owners became Broströms Rederi A/B., Gothenburg

00.00.1979: Transferred to Rederi-A/B Ejdern & Broströms Rederi A/B (Broströms Rederi A/B.), Gothenburg/ Sweden

00.00.1982: Sold to Broströms Rederi A/B. and Rederi A/B Zenith (Broströms Rederi A/B.). Renamed CROWN ISLAND

10.11.1983: Purchased by Wilinvest Inc., Liberia (Wilh. Wilhelmsen). Renamed THEBEN. Price paid: NOK 84.024.225

06.01.1988: Sold to the Government of the People's Republic of China (Bureau of Maritime Transport - Guangzhou Branch). Renamed LIAN CHI

00.09.1999: Group owner: China Shipping Group Co., P.R.China. Reg under Guanzhou Maritime Transport

00.04.2000: Lost its class With China Classification Society.

00.00.2005: Converted to bulkcarrier

10.12.2010: Broken up by Digang Dili Material Recycling/ China


Photo: Unknown

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