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1956 General cargo


Photo: Wolfgang Fricke

 Buildingyard: A/S Fredrikstad mek. vVerksted, Fredrikstad

 Built year: 1956

 Yard no: 352


 Tonnage : GRT: 6553/ NET: 3796/ TDW: 8010

 Dims : LOA: 132,59/ BR: 17,71/ DR: 7,670m

 Machinery: 6-cyl Gøtaverken by the shipbuilder

 BHP: 4500

 Speed: 15.75knots

 Reeferspace: 509,70 cubm

 Passengers: 12

04.02.1956: Launched

04.02.1956: Completed as RINGFRED for Ringdals rederi A/S v/ Olav Ringdal, Oslo. Norway 

11.05.1956: Purchased by Wilh. Wilhelmsen. Price paid: NOK 19.005.893.00. Renamed TANA

12.09.1969: Sold to Johs. Presthus Rederi A/S (Johs. Presthus, manager) Bergen, Norway. Renamed JOHS. PRESTHUS

00.00.1970: Transferred to Arne Presthus Rederi-A/S.

00.00.1971: Sold to Mares Neptunea S. A. v/ Bourboulina Shipping S. A., Greece. Renamed JOHS.P. She was renamed CONCORDIA JOHS. a short 

                     period due to TC to Concordia Line. Later reverted to JOHS.P.

18.03.1973: Fire broke out on board nine miles east of Dungeness on a voyage from Sluiskil to Guayaquil with a cargo of synthetic fertilizer.

20.03.1973: Arrived under tow Antwerp. After examination decalred CTL. Repaired by the owners

00.00.1974: Renamed BOUBOULINA WAVE

00.00.1978: Sold to Khalifa & Mirchandani Shipping Co.Ltd. Kuwait. Renamed DALYAH

00.00.1979: Sold to South Korean ship breakers

31.08.1979: Arrived in Busan for scrapping.

15.09.1979: Demolition started.

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