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1952 General Cargo

TALISMAN 1952-2.jpg

Buildingyard: Charles Connell & Co Ltd., Glasgow/ UK

Built year: 1952

Yard no: 471


Tonnage : GRT: 6785/ NET: 4002/ TDW: 10280

Dims : LOA: 153,46/ BR: 19,56/ DR: 8,432m

Machinery: 6-cyl Doxford by Barcaly Curle & Co. Ltd

BHP: 8500

Speed: 17,00knots

Refspace: 843,55 cubm

Passengers: 12

Photo: From shipowner

20.02.1952: Launched

20.05.1952: Completed. Price paid: NOK 16.719.247,75

00.11.1972: Suffered enginefailure during a voyage from Marseilles to Brisbane. Was taken under tow from Balboa to Sydnes NSW by TENDER TUNA for                       completion of voyage. After examination declared CTL and towed to Kaoshiung by TENDER TUNA.

18.02.1973: Arrived Kaoshiung for demolition

12.03.1973: Demolition commenced by Nan feng Steel & Enterprise Co. Ltd

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