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Tender Searcher
1975 Anchor Handling Tug/ Supply vessel

Tender Searcher-75_CHowell_sp.jpg

Buildingyard: Herman Sürekn GmbH & Co KG., Papenburg/ Germany

Built year: 1975

Yard no: 283

Tonnage : GRT: 498/ NET: 186/ TDW: 1.110

Dims: LOA: 64,52 BR: 13,85/ DR: 4,719mtr

Machinery: Two x 16-cyl by Atlas-MaK Maschinenbau GmbH., Kiel

BHP: 8.000

Speed: 16,00knots

Photo: Chris Howell

30.05.1975: Launched as TENDER SEARCHER for Wilhelmsen Offshore Services (Wilh. Wilhelmsen), Oslo

21.08.1976: Completed. Price paid: NOK 23.000.000

23.02.1984: Transferred to Wilsupply Inc.(Wilhelmsen Offshore Services), Liberia

13.10.1986: Sold to K/S Far Venture A/S (Sverre Farstad & Co), Ålesund. Reg in Liberia.Renamed FAR SEARCHER

00.04.1990: Sold to K/S Pan Searcher, Liberia. Renamed PAN SEARCHER. Group owner: Farstad Shipping ASA., Ålesund

00.07.1990: Sold to Norway Offshore Ltd. A/S., Liberia.

00.09.1993: Siold to Plan Searcher A/S. Renamed PLAN SEARCHER

00.07.1995: Sold to Seabrookers Tank., Norway. Converted and rebuilt to Platform Supply Vessel. Reg in Norway. Renamed REM SEARCHER

00.11.1995: Remøy Management AS became manager. Group owner: Remøy Management AS

00.12.1995: Reg in St. Vincent & Tge Grenadines. Owner Rem Searcher Inc.

00.05.1998: Sold to Havila Supply Ships. Reg at Bahamas. renamed HAVILA SEARCHER. Bourbon Offshore Norway AS., Fosnavåg acted as managers

00.09.1998: Group owner: Bourbon Offshore Norway AS., Fosnavåg

00.00.1999: Owners became: Havila Supply Ships AS. Group owner: Havila Shipping ASA.

00.10.2206: Owner became Atlantic Offshore Rescue Ltd.

00.02.2007: Sold to Ocean Mainport Rescue Ltd, UK. Group owner: Irish Mainport Holdings, Ireland. Renamed OCEAN SEARCHER

15.08.2014: Broken up.

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