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Tender Contest
1976 Multipurpose Supply/ Diving Support

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Buildingyard: Eid Verft A/S., Naustdal - Nordfjord/ Smedvik mek. verksted

Built year: 1976

Yard no: 007/ 071

Tonnage 1976-77: GRT: 1363/ NET: 667/ TDW: 2660

Tonnage 1977-on: GRT 1539/ NET: 607/ TDW: 2000

Dims: LOA: 81,18/ BR: 18,049/ DR: 4,014mtr

Machinery: Two 6-cyl MAK by MAK Maschinenbau GmbH., Kiel

BHP: 4000

Speed: 14,00knots

16.01.1976: Launched by Eid Verft A/S

30.04.1976: Completed by Smedvik Mek Verksted, Tjørvåg for  P/R Wilhelmsen Offshore Services (Wilh. Wilhelmsen) Tønsberg.

                     Price paid: nok 31.000.000,00
00.05.1977: Converted to diving ship at Nylands Verksted, Oslo. 
00.01.1985: Sold to A/S Mosvolds Rederi, Farsund
05.06.1985: Sold to P/R Oceanfun (Ugland Shipping Co. A/S) Farsund. Renamed HIGHLAND REEL. Converted into a Diving Support/

                     Pipelaying vessel. New tonnage: GRT 3186/ NET 955/ TDW: 2206. New dims: LOA: 90,82/ BR: 18,04/ DR: 4,32
20.11.1985: Transferred to P/R Oceanfun (Ugland Shipping Co. A/S) Inverness, UK
00.00.1987: Transferred to P/R Oceanfein (Ugland Marine Oil Services A/S) Inverness, UK

00.00.1988: A/S Mosvold Rederi became managers
00.00.1988: Sold to Dover Strait Ltd ( A/S Mosvolds Rederi ) Monrovia, Liberia
00.00.1992: Sold to Bayonne Shipping Corp (A/S Mosvolds Rederi) Monrovia, Liberia

00.01.1995: Renamed BOA REEL
00.04.1995: Sold to Seacoast Marine Corp (Taubåtkompaniet A/S, Trondheim) Monrovia, Liberia
00.09.1996: Transferred to Taubåtkompaniet A/S, Trondheim. Flagged under Norwegian flags
00.00.1998: Sold to Havila Supply Ships A/S, Fosnavåg, Ålesund,. Renamed HAVILA REEL
01.06.2002: Registered in NIS (Norwegian International Shipregister)
00.08.2002: Transferred to Havila Supply Ships A/S (Havila Supply ASA, Fosnavåg) Ålesund
00.09.2003: Sold to Bourbon Ships A/S (Bourbon Offshore Norway A/S ) Fosnavåg. Renamed BOURBON REEL
00.03.2004: Deregistered from NIS 
00.10.2004: Sold to Subsea Techno. Inc (Argo Shipmanagement & Services) Kingstown, St.Vincent & Grenadines. Renamed DP REEL
00.04.2011: Sold to Red7 Marine Group Ltd, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines
00.05.2014: Renamed RED7 REEL
00.08.2015: Sold to Multifin BV (Jade Dienst Gmbh) Kingstown Renamed DPV SUPPORTER
00.06.2016: Sold to Jade Shipping Betriebs Gmbh (Jade Dienst Gmbh) Monrovia, Liberia
00.12.2017: Sold to Atlantic Marine & Aviation LLP, Monrovia, Liberia. Renamed ATLANTIC SUPPORTER
00.04.2018: Sold to Vimar Offshore LLC, Astrakhan, Russia
00.00.2020: Still in service

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