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Troll Forest/ Nosac Forest/ G & C Forest

1979/91 RoRo-vessel

Troll Forest-79-91-Jorgen Seyler.jpg

Buildingyard: A/S Fredrikstad Mek Verksted

Built year: 1979

Yard no: 436

Tonnage: GRT: 28134/ NET: 20126 / TDW: 42525

Dims: LOA: 182,51/ BR: 32,31/ DR: 12,020mtr


Machinery: 8-cyl B&W by A/S Nye Fredrikstad Mek. 

BHP: 14945 / Speed: 15,00knots

Containercap: 895 - Quarter sterndoor/ ramp

Photo: Jorgen Seyler

30.06.1979: Launched as SKAUBORD for K/S Woodbulk and A/S Eikland (I.M. Skaugen Management Co A/S), Oslo

25.09.1979: Completed. Price: NOK 22,51,746

00.00.1986: Norwegian Ship Management A/S became managers

00.00.1987: Transferred to Skaubord Ltd. (same manager), Oslo

00.00.1988: Reverted to K/S Woodbulk and A/S Eikland  (same manager), Oslo

00.00.1990: Skaugen Marine A/S became managers

06.11.1991: Purchased by Wilhelmsen Lines A/S. Price paid: USD 23.000.000. Renamed TROLL FOREST

21.12.1992: Charter to Wilship and sub-let to NOSAC. Renamed NOSAC FOREST

00.12.1994: Charter to Grimaldi & Cobelfret 25 months by NOSAC. Renamed G & C FOREST

06.11.1995: Sold to K/S Forest II (Morten Werrings Rederi A/S), Oslo. Price: USD 14.500.000

00.00.1999: Manager became V-Ships. Same ownership

00.10.2001: Renamed G & C PARANA on request by charterer

00.10.2004: Renamed VIRANA. Skips A/S Eidsiva is partowner/ manager

00.00.2011: Renamed VIR. Sold to Indian shipbreaker.

30.08.2011: Beached at Alang for scrapping by Capital Steel Corp

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