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Tonga/ Tolga/ Takachiho

1968 Bulk Carrier

Buildingyard: Mitsubishi HI Ltd., Yokohama

Built year: 1968

Yard no: 891


Tonnage: GRT: 35955/ NET: 23406/ TDW: 56939

Dims: LOA: 224,01/ BR: 31,86/ DR: 12,243mtr


Machinery : 6-cyl Sulzer  by the  shipbuilders Hiroshima branch

BHP/ IHP: 13800

Speed: 15,00 knots


22.11.1967: Launched

24.02.1968: Completed as TONGA. Price paid: NOK 40.757.640

30.09.1969: Transferred to Arctic Shipping Co Ltd., Hong Kong. Reg in Melbourne/ Australia. Bareboat to Australian National Line.

                     Renamed TOLGA

00.02.1983: Transferred to Hong Kong registry. Renamed TAKACHIHO

14.11.1984: Sold to Eurolane Maritime Ltd. (H. Glahr & Co. GmbH & Co KG), Cyprus. Renamed ORANGE CORAL

00.00.1988: Sold to Utopia Maritime Co Ltd., Cyprus. Renamed SORAL

00.00.1991: Renamed SAN MARCO

00.00.1993: Sustained damages and was holed in the stern 150 nm from Cape Town. Later sold for scrapping

00.04.1004: Broken up by Gupta Steel (Shipbreakers) in India

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