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Nosac Tanabata

1994 Car carrier


Buildingyard: Sumitomo HI Ltd., Oppama

Built year: 1994

Yard no: 1198

Tonnage: GRT: 49443/NET: 18548 /TDW: 13.548

Dims: LOA: 190,05/ BR: 32,26/  DR: 10,180


Machinery: 6-cyl Sulzer by Diesel United Ltd., Aioi

BHP: 17701

Speed: 19,00knots

Carcap.: 5850 cars

Photo: Andreas Spörri -

00.08.1994: Launched for Taurus Carriers Ltd., Liberia. Bareboat-charter to Wilh. Wilhelmsen with purchaseoption

00.11.1994: Completed, and entered into NOSAC service

00.08.1996: Owner: Wilhelmsen Lines Shipowning A/S. Renamed TANABATA

10.09.1999: Owners: Wilhelmsen Lines Shipowning K/S., Tönsberg

13.09.2000: Transferred to Wilmington Trust Co., Wilmingtom, MA/US. Flagged in US - and rebuilt for US requirements

00.11.2000: Convertion completed

00.10.2001: Operator: American Roll on Roll off Carriers (ARC)

01.11.2003: Renamed RESOLVE

00.05.2005: Owner: Fidelio Ltd Partnership Inc., US (American Roll on Roll off Carriers (ARC))

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