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1995-2003/ 2008-2009 Car carrier


Buildingyard: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co Ltd., Tamano/ Japan 

Built year: 1978

Yard no: 1078

Tonnage: GRT: 47089/ NET: 15586/ TDW: 17406

Dims: LOA: 194,52/ BR: 32,03/ DR: 9,716mtr


Machinery : 6-cyl B&W by the shipbuilder


Speed : 15,50knots

Carcapacity: 5.830 CEU

Photo: Pieter Inpyn

04.08.1978: Launched as NOPAL MASCOT for R/A Mascot (Arth. H. Mathiesen), Oslo

21.11.1978: Delivered. Price paid: 34.844.845,90USD

00.00.1983: Sold to K/S Mascot Auto Transport (same manager)

00.00.1983: Transferred to Rederi K/S Mascot (same manager)

00.00.1984: Renamed NOSAC MASCOT

01.11.1986: Bought by NAL (Norwegian Ship Management A/S), Liberia

00.07.1988: Transferred to Carship Ic. (same manager), USA. Renamed NOSAC RANGER

00.00.1989: Transferred to Ranger Shipholding Corp. (Pacific Gulf Marie Inc.), USA.

00.00.1990: NAL became managers.

27.12.1990: Transferred to Car Carriers Inc. (same managers), USA

00.00.1994: Tonnage remeasured: 16568/ 47089grt - 9710/ 15586net

00.08.1996: Vessel and ownershipco taken over by Wilhelmsen Lines AS., Lysaker. Renamed TELLUS. Still under US-flag

00.00.2002: Managers became Pacific Gulf Marine, USA

00.08.2003: Renamed INDEPENDENCE

00.10.2004: Interocean American Shipping became managers

00.12.2004: Commercial operation by American RORO Carriers, USA

00.04.2008: Returned back to Wilhelmsen Lines Shipowning. Ownership by Tellus Shipping AS., Oslo. Renamed TELLUS

08.06.2009: Delivered to Jiangyin Shipyard Co., China for recirculation. Sales price: 2.5 mill USD


Photo: Simonwp


Photo: H. Jaschob

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