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1958 M. Tanker


Buildingyard: Eriksberg Mek Verkstad A/B., Gothenburg/ Sweden

Built year: 1958

Yard no: 479

Tonnage : GRT: 16407/ NET: 9612/ TDW: 27075

Dims: LOA: 187,40 BR: 24,16/ DR: 10,478mtr

Machinery: 9-cyl B&W by the shipbuilders

BHP: 11200       

Speed: 16,50knots

Photo: Chris Howell

30.12.1957: Launched

27.03.1958: Completed. Price: NOK 34.201.963,00

28.08.1968: Sold to Norportex Inc., Jointship Inc., Fearnley Navigation Inc and Suprema Cia Nav.SA., Panama. Renamed PROSPECTOR

28.02.1969: Sold to Marathon Cia Nav SA., Panama. Renamed MARATHON

00.00.1970: Sold to Olliric Steamship Co. (Cirillio Bros Sales Corp), Panama. Renamed CIBRO CARIBBEAN

00.00.1970: Transferred to Cia Nav Sirius SA. (Cirillo Bros), Panama

00.00.1976: Sold to Maroco Tankers SA., Panama. Renamed BARBARA MASSEY

12.05.1977: Arrived at Kaoshiung to be scrapped by Fubian Steen Enterprise Co Ltd

17.06.1977: Demolition commenced

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