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1983/88 RoRocarrier


Buildingyard:Hyundai HI Ltd., Ulsan

Built year: 1983

Yard no: 250

Tonnage 1988-2002: GRT: 27902/NET: 16243 /TDW: 43986

Tonnage 2002-2014: GRT: 66532/NET: 26072 /TDW: 43986

Dims: LOA: 262,08/ BR: 32,31/ DR: 11,729


Machinery: 8-cyl B&W by the Shipbuilder

BHP: 36600

Speed: 21,00knots

TEU's: 2451

Carcap after 2002: 4397 (or 1413 on deck only)

Photo: K.H. Schistad

16.11.1983: Launched as BARBER HECTOR for Ocean Transport & Trading Plc. (Ocean Fleets Ltd - later Ocean Marine Ltd.), Liverpool

17.04.1984: Completed

00.00.1987: Transferred to Douglas, Isle of Man

20.12.1988: Purchased by Swedish Lines KG., Gothenburg. Charter to Rederi AB Transatlantic with further charter to Wilhelmsen Lines A/S

                     Manager: Transatlantic Ship Management AB., Gothenburg. Renamed TAIKO

21.12.1988: On charter to Wilhelmsen Lines Services A/S with further charter to Wilhelmsen Lines A/S (same manager)

24.02.1993: Purchased by Wilhelmsen Lines A/S. Price paid: USD 37.000.000. Registreted in Tönsberg/ NIS

00.12.1997: Transferred to Wilhelmsen Lines Shipowning AS., Lysaker

02.09.2002: Arrived at China Ocean Shipping Co Ltd., Nantong shipyard for conversion into a RORO/ Carcarrier

28.10.2002: Convertion completed.

00.12.2013: TAIKO was hired by the Norwegian Government to transport Syrian chemical weapons abroad for destruction,

                     involving also the Danish cargo ship ARK FUTURA, under protection of the Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate HNoMS HELGE                                       INGSTAD and the Danish Absalon-class support ship HDMS ESBERN SNARE as well as Chinese, Russian and British warships                 

                     Specialist military personnel were also placed on board.TAIKO loaded chemicals at the Syrian port of Latakia, for transport to

                     Finland and the USA for destruction.

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