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1937 General Cargo

TALISMAN 1937-1.jpg

Buildingyard: Kockums mek. Verkstad A/B., Malmø, sweden

Built year: 1937

Yard no: 199


Tonnage : GRT: 6701/ NET: 4056/ TDW: 10100

Dims : LOA: 479,1/ BR: 62,3/ DR: 28.8ft

Machinery: Two 7-cyl 2 by the shipbuilder. Twin screws

IHP: 11.600

Speed: 17,00knots

Refspace: 1640cuft

Passengers: 12

Photo: n/a

25.08.1937: Launched as TALISMAN

29.10.1937: Completed. price paid NOK 3.451.763,69

12.05.1950: Abandoned by the crew and passengers after fire had broken out in the enginge room

                     when the vessel was abt 80 miles of Shimizu enroute for Hong Kong.

14.05.1950: Towed to Shimizu by the American navaltanker SHAWNEETRAIL

18.05.1950: Listed severly, but rightened

07.06.1950: Refloated

15.08.1950: Arrived Yokohama in tow for examination.

17.09.1950: Condemned and sold to Mitsui Sempaku K.K., Japan

16.11.1950: Delivered to new owners. Rebuilt at Kobe

00.00.1951: Renamed ASAKASAN MARU

00.00.1959: Sold to Toyo Kaiun K.K., Japan

00.00.1966: Sold to Hei An Shipping Co. Ltd., Taiwan. Renamed CHUNAN

00.00.1967: Sold to Via. Nav. Fu An Ltda., Panama

00.00.1968: Sold to Tienho nav. (Panama) Ltd. S.A., Panama. Renamed TIEN HO

00.00.1969: Sold to Koshin Sangyo K.K., Japan for scrapping.

23.06.1969: Demolition began at Osaka

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