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1985 Tanker

Buildingyard: Uddevallavarvet A/B. Uddevalla

Built year: 1985

Yard no: 331


Tonnage: GRT: 43363/ NET: 27649/ TDW: 73000 (increased to 75992 tdw)

Dims: LOA: 228,61/ BR: 32,26/ DR: 15,017mtr


Machinery : 4-cyl B&W by the  shipbuilders 

BHP/ IHP: 12772

Speed: 15,75 knots

Photo: Unknown

18.01.1985: Launched

28.05.1985: Completed. Price paid: 250.590.800

00.00.1987: Transferred to Panama registry

12.02.1989: Sold to Forever Navigation S.A. (Fuyo Kaiun Co Ltd.), Panama. Renamed A.C. ATOM

00.06.1993: Sold to a Company under management by Wallem UK Ltd. Renamed LOYALTY

00.12.1999: Sold to White Bulk (Transpetrol Maritime Services)

00.07.2002: Manager became ITM Holding Ltd., United Arab Emirates

00.07.2005: Manager became Transpetrol Maritime Services

00.02.2007: Sold to Al Andalus International, UAE (Red Sea Marine Services). Operated by; Bakri Navigation Co Ltd. Renamed AL MUMINAH

30.08.2012: Broke up at Gadani Beach


Photo show vessel as AL MUMINAH

Photo: Reinier Meulerman -

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