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1968 Bulkcarrier

Buildingyard: Mitsubishi HI Ltd., Yokohama

Built year: 1968

Yard no: 892

Tonnage : GRT: 35955/ NET: 22786/ TDW: 56768

Dims: LOA: 224,01 BR: 31,86/ DR: 12,243mtr

Machinery: 6-cyl Sulzer by the shipbuilders Nagasaki branch

BHP/ IHP: 13800

Speed: 15,00knots

Carcap 1977-on: 3450 cars

Photo: Bob Scott

20.01.1968: Launched 

24.04.1968: Completed. Price paid: NOK 40.672.593

23.12.1977: Convertion into carcarrier completed by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co Ltd., S-Korea

30.03.1983: Sold to Nicola Shipping Ltd., Panama. Renamed NICOLA JILL

13.06.1986: Arrived at Aliaga to be broken up by Gemi Sokum Ticaret A.S.

25.03.1986: Demolition commenced

Photo: Unknown

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