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1952-1959 General cargo


Buildingyard: Kockums Mek Verkstad A/B., Malmö

Built year: 1952

Yard no: 334


Tonnage: GRT: 5463/ NET: 3087/ TDW: 9150

Dims: LOA: 140,99/ BR: 18,77/ DR: 8,077mtr


Machinery : 7-cyl M.A.N. by the  shipbuilders 

BHP/ IHP: 7000

Speed: 16,50 knots

Reefercap: 596,35 cbft / Passengers: 12

Photo: WW Fleetlist 150 years

12.12.1951: Launched by Kockums Mek Verkstad A/B., Malmø

14.03.1952: Completed. Price paid: 16.017.631,58 NOK

03.11.1958: In collision with Swedsh tanker STORA. Sustained heavy damage in the bow.

01.01.1959: Renamed TIRRANNA

30.01.1966: Went aground in Finsnesrenna near Tromsø. On a voyage from Murmansk to Rostock with a cargo of Ironore.  Broke in two

                     the next day. The aft part sank. The rest of the vessel was later sold to Erik Volckmar, Oslo for demolition. The cargo and bunkers were 

                     salvaged, while most of the vessel was cut into pieces. These were taken to the Smeltingworks at Mo i Rana.

00.00.1972: The rest of the vessel sold to Sigg Jern A/S, Oslo for demolition. Some identifiable part still remains at the stranding site


Photo: Unknown

Photo show the vessel after collision with STORA at 03.11.1958

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