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Armacup Patricia

1974/ 1995 Car Carrier

Armacup Patricia-CraigFeierabend.jpg

Buildingyard: NV Koninklijke "De Schelde", Flushing

Built year: 1974

Yard no: 348

Tonnage: GRT: 7274/NET: 3626/TDW: 10750

Dims: LOA: 187,51/ BR: 223,02/  DR: 8,008


Machinery: 8-cyl by Koninklijke Maatschaapi "De Schelde", Flushing

BHP: 7200

Speed: 17,0 knots

Carcapacity: 3800

Photo: Craig Feierabend

27.04.1974: Launched

16.09.1974: Delivered as DYVI ADRIATIC to Jan Erik Dyvi, Oslo

00.00.1975: sold to A/S Atlantica & A/S Arcadia, (Leif Høegh & Co A/S), Oslo, Renamed HØEGH TARGET

00.00.1976: Transferred to Sameiet Høegh Target, (Leif Høegh & Co A/S), Oslo

00.00.1982: Transferred to K/S A/S Target (Leif Høegh & Co A/S), Oslo. Renamed TARGET

00.00.1985: Sold to Inter Car Inc. (Leif Høegh & Co A/S), Liberia

00.00.1986: Manager became Barber Ship Management Ltd

00.00.1988: Sold to Data Vekst A/S, (Barber Ship Management Ltd), Oslo. Renamed NOSAC TARGET. Registreted in the

                     Norwegian International Register (NIS)

00.11.1988: Bought by NAL Invest A/S (a subsidiary of NAL), Oslo (Barber Ship Management Ltd.), Renamed TARGET

00.00.1989: Manager became Norwegian Ship Management A/S

00.00.1990: renamed ARMACUP PATRICIA after request from the charterer.

00.00.1993: Owners absorbed by NAL

00.00.1995: Tonnage remeasured; 25944grt/ 8493net

00.00.1996: NAL taken over by Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA

00.10.2000: Sold to indian shipbreakers for scrapping.

08.10.2000: delivered to the breakers ar Alang Beach/ India

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