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1899-1920 General cargo


Buildingyard: William Gray & Co., West Hartlepool

Built year: 1899

Yard no: 587


Tonnage: GRT: 3090/ NET: 1987/ TDW: 5100

Dims: LOA: 325,0/ BR: 48,5/ DR: 21,7ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp steam engine by Central Marine Eng. Works

IHP: 1200

Speed: 10,0 knots


11.07.1899: Launched as DRUMBAIN for W. Christie & Co., London. Sold under outfitting to A.N. Hansen & CO., Copenhagen/ Denmark

31.08.1899: Completed as ALDERNEY and reg in Tønsberg. Ownership by a company which WW was a shareholder and the company manager

00.00.1920: Sold to D/S Atlanterhavet (O.J. eskildsen), Denmark. Renamed HVIDEHAVET

00.00.1923: Sold to Essex Line Ltd. (Maldrum & Swinson), London. Renamed ESSEX CHASE

00.00.1929: Sold to Fricis Grauds, Latvia. Renamed EVERGUNAR

18.01.1932: Wrecked near Sømnes - North of Rørvik. On passage from Amsterdam to Trondheim in ballast. The wreck was later broken up by

                     shipbreakers based in Stavanger

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