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1986/95 Car carrier


Buildingyard: RO Brodogradiliste "Uljanik", Pula

Built year: 1986

Yard no: 371

Tonnage: GRT: 34960/NET: 27903 /TDW: 12077

Dims: LOA: 172,52/ BR: 29,41/  DR: 9,002


Machinery: 6-cyl B&W by RO Tvornica Dizel Motora

BHP: 10769

Speed: 17,50knots

Carcap.: 3555cars

Photo: Michaek Neidig -

27.12.1986: Launched as KASSEL for K/S A/S Fernavant (Fearnley & Eger A/S), Oslo

00.06.1987: Delivered. Registreted under NIS-flag

00.00.1991: Shareholding acquired by Norwegian America Line A/S (NAL), Oslo. 

                     Technical management: Norwegian Ship Management A/S

00.00.1992: NAL became managers

01.06.1994: NAL acquired 52,5% ownership

00.10.1994: Ownership transferred to Avant K/S (NAL), Oslo

00.00.1995: Share ownership of NAL acquired by WW, including also Avant K/S

00.00.1995: Tonnage: 34960grt/ 10488 net

00.02.1996: Sold to Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Tokyo/ Japan. Reg under ownership of Delphinus Shipholding, Panama

                     Renamed FRECCIA

00.10.2000: Ownership transferred to Pureza Maritimea, Panama. Renamed SALZGITTER. 

                     Technical management: Wilhelmsen Ship Management Sdn Bhd., Malaysia

00.06.2005: Owner: Pureza Ships SA., Panama

20.12.2016: Broken up at Chittagong/ Bangladesh

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