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Zurita - Mirita
1916-1916/ 1916-1934 Tanker steam


Buildingyard: Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd., Sunderland

Built year: 1916

Yard no: 652


Tonnage: GRT: 5845/ NET: 3655/ TDW: 8700

Dims: LOA: 407,0/ BR: 52,4/ DR: 31,5ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp steam engine by George Clarke Ltd., Sunderland

IHP: 2200

Speed: 10,0 knots


19.01.1916: Launched as ZURITA

28.07.1916: Completed. Upon war requisition placed under management of H.E. Moss & Co., Liverpool Reg in London. Placed under ownership of

                     Wm. Molyneux Cohan (senior partner in company) Price paid: NOK 1.437.172,01

00.09.1919: Returned to service for Wilh. Wilhelmsen

14.11.1934: Sold to Glenfield Syndicate Ltd., London. Renamed GLENFIELD

00.00.1935: Sold to Hellenic Tramp S.S. Co Ltd (S. Iossifoglu), Greece. Renamed IONIA

00.00.1937: Sold to Finchley S.S. Co Ltd. (J.N. Vasiliou), London. Renamed ROMFORD

00.00.1937: Sold to Cia Primera de Nav. Ltda., Panama. Renaedm CLAIRY

21.05.1940: Attacked by German aircraft when at Bolougne Roads. On voyage from Giuria and New York to Dunkrik with crudeoil. 

                     Set on fire and abandoned the next day

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