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Mexpetro - Mantilla
1916-1916/ 1916-1939 Tanker steam


Buildingyard: Sir W.G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd., Newcastle

Built year: 1916

Yard no: 886


Tonnage: GRT: 5671/ NET: 3495/ TDW: 9100

Dims: LOA: 407,0/ BR: 52,2/ DR: 31,4ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp steam engine by North Eastern Marine Eng. Co.,


IHP: 2200

Speed: 10,5 knots


16.06.1916: Launched as MEXPETRO

00.12.1916: Renamed MANTILLA

12.01.1918: Completed. Upon war requsition placed under management of H.E. Moss & Co. (W.H. Cohan), Liverpool.

                     Price paid: NOK 1.480.134,82

00.06.1920: Returned to service for Wilh. Wilhelmsen

00.03.1939: Sold to John T. Essberger, Germany. Renamed NORDMEER

03.09.1939: Lying at Willemstad

09.12.1939: Fire broke out. Returned to Germany

00.01.1940: Taken over by the German Navy as a supportanker at Wilhelmshaven

26.08.1944: Scuttled in the River Gironde near Bassens as a blockadeship.

02.12.1946: Refloated. Later repaired. It was initially ment that the vessel would be sold to Soc. Francais des Petrolier with new name TIERACHE

00.00.1948: Purchased by S.A. Les Petroles d' Outremer, France. Renamed ARTVINE

09.08.1954: Arrived at Tyne for scrapping by Clayton & Davie Ltd., Dunston

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