1912/15 General cargo (steam)


Buildingyard: Greenock & Grangemouth Dockyard Co Ltd., Greenock

Built year: 1912

Yard no: 336


Tonnage: GRT: 4337/ NET: 2805/ TDW: 7350

Dims: LOA: 375,7/ BR: 52,2/ DR: 25,5ft


Machinery : 3-cyl triple exp steam engine by Blair & Co. Ltd., Stockton

BHP/ IHP: 2150

Speed: 11,00 knots

Drawing by Bård Kolltveit

00.00.1912: Launched as STRATHMORE for Strathmore S.S. Co. (Burrell & Son), Glasgow/ UK

00.04.1915: Sold to WW. Renamed CUBANO. Price paid:

03.06.1915: Stopped and sunk by German submarine U-35 (KL Kophamel) in pos. 58.25N 07.40W (15 miles NE of Flannan Isl.). On voyage from

                      Kristiania to India With General cargo.

                      When controlling the papers the submarine Commander said that a former English vessel should be treated as an English vessel

                      for a 6 months periode after  the purchase. The vessel was therefore sunk. After the crew had left CUBANO the vessel was sunk by

                      17 cannon shots. The real reasin for the sinking was the inability of the Master to present Norwegian Registry Documents  , and the

                      submarine Commander therefore belived the vessel was not Norwegian.

                      After 20 hours of rowing the crew arrived at Airwick, Lewis Island.


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