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1918-1937 Tanker steam


Buildingyard: Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd., Sunderland

Built year: 1918

Yard no: 662


Tonnage: GRT: 7031/ NET: 4411/ TDW: 10624

Dims: LOA: 425,0/ BR: 57,0/ DR: 31,1ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp steam engine by George Clark Ltd., Sunderland

IHP: 2500

Speed: 10,0 knots


04.07.1917: Launched.  

14.01.1918: Completed. Upon war requisition placed under management by H.E. Moss & Co., Liverpool . Reg owner: W.M. Cohan

                     Price paid: NOK 2.382.963,89

00.11.1920: Returned to service for Wilh. Wilhelmsen

25.10.1937: Sold to Th. Brøvig, Farsund. Renamed JETTY BRØVIG

02.02.1941: Captured near the Seychelles by the German raider ATLANTIS. Camouflaged as the TAMESIS (Wilh. Wilhelmsen). On passage from Bahrain 

                     to Lorenco Marques with diesel and fueloil. Prizecrew was placed onboard and the vessel was used as a supplyship for the ATLANTIS and

                     other German vessels until scuttled.

04.03.1941: After being intercepted off Italian Somaliland by the cruiser HMS LEANDER and HMS CANBERRA the vesse was scuttled by the German


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