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1893-1900 General cargo


Buildingyard: William Gray & Co., West Hartlepool

Built year: 1881

Yard no: 235


Tonnage: GRT: 2833/ NET: 1799/ TDW: 4500

Dims: LOA: 300,0/ BR: 40,2/ DR: 24,5ft

Machinery: 2 x 2cyl comp steamengine by Blair & Co Ltd., Stockton

IHP: 1430

Speed: 10,0 knots


16.04.1881: Launched as SURREY for Atlantic Transport Company (Hooper & Williams), London. Later owners became Hooper, Murrel & 

                     Williams, London

00.01.1888: Renamed MICHIGAN

22.02.1888: Sold to Bernard S.S. Co Ltd (Williams, Torrey & Feild Ltd), London

12.03.1889: Sold to Christopher Furness, West Hartlepool

2904.1889: Sold to R.L: Gillcrest & Co., Liverpool

00.00.1889: Sold to Clarence R. Gillcrest, London

26.03.1890: Sold to Charles Lillburn, London

14.04.1890: Sold to C.A. Beyts - later Beyts, Craig & Co., London

00.00.1893: Purchased by WW. 

00.00.1900: Sold to L. Luckenbach - later Luckenbach S.S. Co., USA. Renamed HARRY LUCKENBACH. Rebuilt for carrying oil in bulk.

00.00.1903: Owners became Luckenbach Transportation & Wrecking Co., USA

00.00.1908: Owners became the estate of L. Luckenbach, USA

00.00.1909: E.F. Luckenbach, USA became owners

06.01.1918: Torpedoed and sunk in the Bay of Biscay, 2 miles NNW of Penmarch by German submarine U-93. Eight crewmembers were lost

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