*22.08.2020: New version of the Fearnley & Eger & Co-page

*24.10.2020: Wilh. Wilhelmsen-page updated (FLEETLIST UPDATE)

*25.10.2020: Wilh. Wilhelmsen-page updated  (ARC-section)/ WalleniusWilhelmsen-section/ MISC-section (Annual reports)

*27.10.2020: Wilh. Wilhelmsen-page updated  with WSM (Wilhelmsen Ship Management) section

*29.10.2020: Wilh. Wilhelmsen-page updated  with EUKOR-section

*05.12.2020: Webpage for IVARANS REDERI AS., OSLO launched

*07.12.2020: Webpage for ODD GODAGER & CO/ BUCHA GODAGER & CO/ CARDIGAN SHIPPING   CO LTD launched

*26.12.2020: Webpage for OLSEN & UGELSTAD launched

*03.01.2021: Wilh. Wilhelmsen-page updated more ships details in FLEETLIST


Halfdan Wilhelmsen alle 44, Tønsberg

Vestfold og Telemark, Norge


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